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Volcanic Face Oil Absorbing Roller - The Ordinary Skin Care Solutions

Volcanic Face Oil Absorbing Roller - The Ordinary Skin Care Solutions

Better Than Blotting Papers

Less than 30 minutes after washing your face, your face will start to show oil. After 1-2 hours of makeup, your makeup will start to appear oily.

If you feel oily on your face, then you can use Lazzybeauty oil-absorbing volcanic face roller, this oil-absorbing facial roller is made of real volcanic stone, which can instantly remove excess facial oil, restore clean matte skin, and keep our makeup clean at all times and can be reused.

This face roller is made of volcanic stone, which soaks up excess oil instantly. Oil-absorbing volcanic face roller is reusable. twist the roller ring to unlock, and pull out the stone. Wash with a gentle cleanser, rinse, and air-dry.

Lazzybeauty double-head volcanic stone oil absorbing roller Lazzybeauty volcanic steel ball replacements Lazzybeauty double-head volcanic steel ball oil absorbing roller Lazzybeauty volcanic stone replacements
Double-head Oil Absorbing Roller Volcanic & Steel Ball Roller Replacement Double-head Volcanic & Steel Facial Roller Volcanic Stone Roller Replacement
Total Balls 2 Volcanic Stones 2 Volcanic Stones + 1 Steel Ball 1 Volcanic Stones + 1 Steel Ball 3 Volcanic Stones

Lazzybeauty oil absorbing face roller before and after

It is made of volcanic mud and minerals through high temperatures and special technology. It has a strong oil control ability. It can effectively remove excess oil on the surface of the skin and in the pores, and at the same time expel the toxins in the bottom of the skin, leaving the skin clean and delicate.

Volcanic stone can activate the ions in the cells (mainly increase the content of oxygen ions) and can slightly release a-rays and infrared rays, which are good for the skin.


it won’t mess up your makeup

This face roller is made of real volcanic stone, which soaks up excess oil instantly. It’s our secret for fresh, shine-free skin any time. Use it on a clean or finished face.

Generally, the volcanic facial roller can be used 120 times, if you use it 3 times a day, it can be used for 40 days. The color will change from light brown to dark after use. Say goodbye to your blotting paper and choose a reusable oil absorbing face roller.

  • Delivers a natural matte finish for smooth and even-looking skin.
  • Keeps oil under control for hours.
  • A perfect tool for touch-ups on the go.
  • Bolt oily skin instantly
  • Give a mattifying effect
  • Make face less greasy
  • Protect your make-up
  • Improve the face condition

volcanic face roller replacements


Oil Absorption Stone Roller

Usage: Home Use

Material: ABS + Volcanic

Weight: 2.5 ounces

Dimension: 1.38 x 2.36 x 5.51 inches

Color: Black

  • With a practical shape and a lipstick design.
  • with extra stone roller replacements.
  • Refreshing from this moment on, no oil blocking on the face.
  • Small and easy to carry
  • Can be used repeatedly
how to use volcanic face roller



  1. Avoid rotating and twisting the dust cover, or else the other parts will easily fall off with the dust cover.
  2. If it falls, you can refer to our user manual to reassemble it.
  3. It can be used 120 times generally.


dark brown oil roller

Volcanic Stone Roller - Washable & Reusable

After use, the volcanic stone will be dark brown. when all the areas of the ball are dark brown, then it needs to wash.

You can follow our user manual, or watch the video to unlock and pull out the stone. Wash it with soft cleaner, rinse it, and then air-dry in a ventilated

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